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Message from the principal

At AEA, we understand that every student is unique. We believe that success in learning English comes from understanding your needs and providing classes that are motivating, supportive and enjoyable. And, of course, by providing excellent teachers!

This is what we have been doing for almost 30 years since 1988. But we don’t rest on our past success; we continue to improve what we do and how well we do it. One of the ways we do that is by listening to you. For the period of your study, AEA will be your second home. We want you to have an excellent experience here.

That’s why we say ‘English for you!’

A course at AEA is an opportunity for you to make new friends, experience New Zealand, improve English, and achieve your goals. We are here to help you do that.

I look forward to welcoming you to Auckland English Academy and to Auckland city!


Wayne Dyer


Auckland English Academy is located at the heart of the beautiful Auckland City. Less than ten minutes away from all entertainments, AEA Campus is perfect for the full Auckland experience. AEA students come from all over the world to learn English, teaching and to prepare for IELTS. You will be welcomed and fully supported by fellow students and staff! We can’t wait to see you in class!


Our Staff
Student Support
Wayne Dyer
ICL Education Group Principal
Auckland English Academy
Victoria Damiris
Director of Studies
James Kim
Sales Manager, Marketing Korea
Misako Okawa
Accommodation and Welfare Manager
Yi Song
Administration, Enrolment Officer
Megumi Kato
Marketing Team Leader, Marketing Executive
Aline Lockett
Marketing Manager Brazil & East Europe
Anish Rana
Marketing Executive India
Narida Maisirisom
Marketing Executive - Thailand, The Philippines, and Cambodia
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Daniella Rengifo
Marketing Executive - Latin America
Why Choose AEA
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Individual Learning Plans for each student
  • Regular one to one meetings with your teacher to discuss your progress
  • All students in Communication English will build a portfolio of work which shows their progress in learning English
  • IELTS Preparation students will do a full mock exam every six weeks
  • All eligible leaving students receive an AEA leaving certificate and report


Our Philosophy

Our Values

AEA will:

  • Deliver quality programmes through a commitment to academic excellence and professional standards
  • Act with integrity and, respect staff, students and other stakeholders
  • Be versatile when dealing with stakeholders’ service requests
  • Promote sustainability and a return on investments to its shareholders

Our mission

We pride ourselves in quality teaching and want our students to have the best experience. We regularly evaluate ourselves in order to maintain and improve our service. Your experience and opinions are very important to us and we will ask you to evaluate us. That way we can continue to improve and make sure you get excellent value from your time with AEA.


Our teaching philosophy

We believe that:

  • every student can learn and can achieve their goals
  • excellent teachers can bring about excellent results
  • every student is different and likes to learn in a different way.
  • when students are motivated, supported and enjoying their class, they learn better
  • students learn English to communicate and learn through communicating
  • students who have useful strategies for learning, learn more quickly
  • students learn better when they have clear goals and get feedback on their progress
  • students who practise more, improve more


Individual learning

When you arrive at AEA we will discuss your goals and develop an Individual Learning Plan with you. This plan will follow you throughout your course and you will have regular one-to-one meetings with your teacher to discuss your progress.


Assessing your learning

It is important to understand how well you are doing. Your teacher will give you regular informal feedback as well as assessments to measure your progress. Assessments include classroom activities, projects, and formal tests.

  • All students in Communication English will build a portfolio of work which shows their progress in learning English.
  • IELTS Preparation students will do a full mock exam every 6 weeks.

All eligible leaving students receive an AEA leaving certificate and report

Quality Assurance

Self Evaluation

We regularly evaluate ourselves to fully understand our development and performance. We will also ask you to evaluate us and listen to what you say. We believe that this is the way for us to improve and make sure you get excellent value for your time at AEA.


English New Zealand

English New ZealandAs a member of English New Zealand, we are audited every four years. Our most recent audit was in December 2013. We are pleased to announce that we met all 6 standards and received a very complimentary report.




As an NZQA-registered school, we are evaluated every four years. AEA is a Category One school, meaning NZQA is confident in our performance and in our self assessment.




The New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures that New Zealand qualifications are valued as credible and robust, both nationally and internationally.

NZQA is accountable for:

  • managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework,
  • administering the secondary school assessment system,
  • independent quality assurance of non-university education providers,
  • qualifications recognition,
  • standard setting for some specified unit standards, and
  • the development of qualifications in specific fields.”


The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016

AEA abides by the Code of Practice for International Students. You can read the code here.



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