Employment Skills English
Auckland English Academy

Develop the language and skills you need to apply for and work in an English speaking job.
Study Communication English in the morning and participate in ESE two afternoons per week.

Employment Skills English is an optional afternoon course for students from levels Intermediate and above. The course provides students with skills in writing CVs and cover letters, job interview skills, workplace language and other office skills for jobs in English speaking countries.

Students also learn other important skills such as workplace health & safety, understanding employment agreements and meeting skills. Students study Communication English in the morning and participate in Employment Skills English classes two afternoons every week. Students who successfully complete the course to satisfactory requirements will receive a certificate of completion.



  • Language (grammar, vocabulary) at your level
  • Skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at your level
  • Strategies for improving your English
  • How to search for and apply for a job
  • How to write a CV and attend an interview
  • Workplace language
  • Telephoning skills and meeting skills
  • Workplace health and safety regulations
  • To understand employment agreements



  • In groups
  • In pairs
  • Individually



Course books

  • Authentic materials
  • Multi-media activities
  • Web based activities
  • Authentic experiences


Course length: 5 weeks
Level: Intermediate
Start dates : Flexible

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