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Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

At AEA, each Student has an Individual Learning Plan to help them achieve their full potential.

We encourage students to identify their own goals and areas for improvement. Students set both short and long term goals in collaboration with their teacher, and together, they can decide how best to achieve these goals.

A record of achievement is kept every week in your academic learning plan, so progress can be monitored, and the individual learning plans can be modified accordingly.

At AEA we understand that every student is different and have different and everyone has different goals when they join our school. We strongly believe our personalised weekly goal-setting and feedback sessions can make a world of difference to a student’s learning journey.


Progress Test

Every six weeks, AEA students sit a test to check their progress. Many students advance to a higher level through this test. It is one of the many ways in which students can see how their English is improving.



English Skills Levels

Before starting your course at AEA, you must take a ‘placement test’ to determine your level.
The levels are outlined below: