Celine Martin

Destination Hilton

“It all started at AEA”

Recently, at an agents’ forum in the Hilton Hotel, I (Wayne) was approached by a smartly dressed, confident young woman who introduced herself as Celine Martin.

“I saw the Auckland English Academy banner,” she said, “and I wanted to come and say hello and tell you that it all started for me at AEA.”

At 14 years old, Celine had seen the school advertised in Tahiti and decided she wanted to come to Auckland to develop her English. The description of the classes appealed to her and the activities matched her interests.

That was ten years ago and, although the course was only two weeks long, it has had a profound impact on her life since then.

“It gave me the basics of English. It gave me confidence and it clearly opened doors.”

Since then, Celine has gone on to study in university in French Polynesia and in Auckland, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor in Communications majoring in Public Relations. She was immediately offered a job at the Hilton Auckland and is now Business Development Coordinator for Auckland and Taupo.

“I mainly take care of the marketing and I coordinate tasks between departments. I love the interaction with people and I am truly passionate about the industry. I learn every day and enjoy every minute of my time there.”

“Studying at AEA definitely opened a door I would have never thought of if I had just learned English in high school back home”

At 14, Celine found it hard to leave her family for the first time but the support she got at AEA made the experience one of the best in her life.

“Everybody was extraordinary, from teachers to students and the administration, too. Everybody was lovely and made me feel at home.

“I left AEA with a head full of memories and an address book full of amazing people from all around the world.”

Celine has a message for parents thinking of sending their teenager to study in Auckland.

“Your son or daughter is in good hands and will probably live the best and most fulfilling experience. He or she will also probably speak better English than you by the end of their stay!”

And a message for future students?

“At AEA you cry twice. Once when you arrive because you miss your family and once when you leave because you don’t want to go home! Be prepared for an amazing experience!”