Delphino Park

From language laboratory to dental laboratory

“I can’t find the words to describe how thankful I am”

Before he came to New Zealand, Delphino Park was studying dental technology in Korea. Now he is making denture bases and mouth guards in a dental laboratory in Auckland.

“I first came to New Zealand as a visitor but now I’m starting a new life in New Zealand,” said Delphino.

“My future goal is to study a Masters Degree in Otago University and open my own dental laboratory.”

Thanks to his teacher, Delphino was able to find work in his chosen field. “My teacher gave me a chance to work in the industry and I got to know great people who are now my friends and colleagues.”

At AEA, Delphino studied Communication English and Employment Skills English.

His brother and aunt were both students at AEA and they recommended the school to him.

“I have friends coming to New Zealand soon and I’m going to recommend AEA to them also,” he said.

“I’m very thankful to my teacher,” said Delphino. “She not only helped me in job searching but also taught us how to write a C.V with constant and kind feedback.”

“We practised interviews and the situations we might face at work such as answering the phone. Also we learnt about IRD and visa requirements to work in New Zealand, which recently helped me in applying for my work visa. We also learnt polite language which I use at work to my colleagues and clients.”

It was Delphino’s teacher who introduced him to his future employer. “I really appreciate how she introduced me to her personal network. This shows how much she cares about her students and I can’t find a word to describe how thankful I am.”

Delphino has some recommendations for future students.

“Look for a school with organized curriculum. I had a trial of other schools where the teacher asks students what they want to do on the day. Experienced teachers know what students need and would prepare classes in advance. 


“I chose AEA because the curriculum was well structured and organised.”