Giselle Paiva

From English Student to English Teacher!

“I can honestly say that AEA outdid even my highest expectations”

When you ask Giselle Paiva what she likes about her job, she answers, “Everything!”

Giselle is an English teacher in an American school in Brazil where she teaches children and teenagers. She returned to Brazil after completing the ICL TESOL course at Auckland English Academy.

“My time at AEA really benefited me,” she said. “I am more confident, more prepared and more qualified.”

Giselle was already an experienced English language student when she arrived at AEA. She had studied at good English and Business schools in Europe so she knew what to look for when choosing a school. Even though her agent recommended AEA, she wanted to be sure. She asked students for references and visited the school.

“The deciding factor was when I first made contact. I got good assistance and clear information. I felt confident.”

Her experience was even better than she expected. “I can honestly say that AEA outdid even my highest expectations. I’m sure this is one of the very best schools in Auckland,” she said.

“They helped me in every way and allowed me to achieve my goals. I had excellent teachers and the staff supported me in each and every situation. I met the best mentors of my life!”

Not only did Giselle achieve her learning goals, but she had a wonderful time. “I made great friends and met people from all over the world,” she said.

“The atmosphere that exists there ensures you will have the most enjoyable time in New Zealand!

I am grateful to everybody who is part of AEA for the experience they gave me.”