Luan Barros

Confidence in English brings career options

“AEA gave me the confidence to pursue my careers overseas”

Luan Barros do Couto could barely speak English when he arrived in Auckland from Brazil in February 2012.

Now, thanks to his rapid improvement, the 22 year old is studying management and developing software for a Kiwi IT company.

“When I arrived here I couldn’t speak any English,” he said. “Now I can talk to native speakers with no difficulties.”

In fact, in just three months studying at Auckland English Academy (AEA), Luan moved from being a pre-intermediate student to achieving entry onto the NZIM Diploma in Management at AEA’s sister institution, ICL Business School.

He puts his success down to his teachers. “All the teachers at AEA are well qualified,” he said. Each teacher was able to help Luan in a different way.

“There was always something new to learn or a different way to learn. The teachers taught about NZ culture and made the class interesting.”

It was this kind of quality teaching, along with value for money, which influenced his decision when choosing a school.

“AEA seemed to deliver high quality courses that were well priced compared to other schools,” he said. “I also heard good things about the school from my friends who had already studied there and that was crucial for my final decision.”

“Travelling abroad is always a challenge,” he said.

“Although New Zealand is very receptive to foreigners, it was a bit of a shock to me living far away from my family and friends. AEA staff and teachers were fundamental in this process. The school has people that talk your language and understand your needs when you can’t express yourself in English. “

“At AEA I learnt not only English, I learnt about other cultures and made friends from all parts of the globe.”

“AEA gave me the confidence to pursue my career overseas.”

Because Luan had such a good time at AEA, he decided to stay longer in New Zealand.