Yuitsu Hukuda

TESOL Course improves job prospects

“I wanted to learn how to teach English using quite a different teaching style from Japan.”

Yuitsu Hukuda wanted to improve his job prospects in Japan, so he enroled in not one, but two TESOL courses at Auckland English Academy. “I wanted to learn how to teach English using quite a different teaching style from Japan,” said Yuitsu.”

After a friend recommended AEA to him because of the quality of the teachers and the value for money, Yuitsu enrolled in the AEA TESOL and the ICL TESOL courses.

The AEA TESOL course is aimed at teaching young learners and is recognized by the Japan’s J-shine programme. The ICL TESOL course enables practising teachers of English to refresh their English, look at current trends and reflect on their personal philosophy of education.

“I learned theory about how to teach English to students. And I practised it”

He and his fellow students visited local kindergartens and taught children using materials they had prepared. They also helped teach in some AEA English classes.

Serious students like Yuitsu expect to work hard in class. “I never wasted time at AEA. In some schools, the class doesn’t meet the needs of the students but I was never bored or felt no purpose while I studied.”

“I was greatly helped by my teachers. They helped me understand and I recognised my improvement and was full of confidence teaching English to students.”

For international students, it is also very important to have support from student counselors and office staff. Yuitsu found this was the case at AEA.

“They were like friends. We could contact them whenever we were in trouble,” he said. “Or when we just wanted to have a chat!”

For anyone who wants to teach English in their own country and improve their own English skills, Yutsui recommends the AEA and ICL TESOL courses.


“You will have a great experience. You should try it!”