Kiwikindy Internship
Auckland English Academy
Auckland English Academy

Learn English and gain four weeks’ work experience in a New Zealand pre-school or kindergarten
Every student has their own ILP (Individual Learning Plan) to help them manage your study.


The Kiwikindy Internship Programme is part of the AEA TESOL Course. TESOL students get the opportunity to experience work in a New Zealand Early Childhood Education Centres (ECE). Students spend time in an Auckland based ECE, where they interact with children, and see first hand how a Kiwi teacher conducts a class. The course length is flexible depending on the students.



  • Language (grammar, vocabulary) at your level
  • Skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) at your level
  • Strategies for improving your English



  • In groups
  • In pairs
  • Individually



  • Course books
  • Authentic materials
  • Multi-media activities
  • Web based activities
  • Authentic experiences



  • Working  in a real New Zealand pre school or kindergarten
  • Communicating regularly in English with teachers and children
  • Participating in pre school activities
  • observing and discussing the work of pre school teachers
  • assisting teachers and other staff


Course Length:
8 weeks English Language study + 4 weeks Kindergarten Internship.
OR 12 weeks English Language study + 4 weeks Kindergarten Internship.

2020 Fees