Communication English Daytime
I have been at Auckland English Academy for about five months now. I felt a huge difference in culture between New Zealand and Japan but I am embracing the difference! Here at AEA, I made many friends from many different countries. In addition to English, I learn about the culture of New Zealand, and the culture of my classmates. I find it very interesting. New Zealand is diverse and surrounded by amazing environments. You will never run out of fun activities here. Come to New Zealand and see for yourself!!

Employment Skills English
Employment Skills English was very useful for me. I learned how to write my CV, how to attend a job interview and also how to answer the phone professionally. My teacher helped me develop my CV. Now I am more confident than ever.

AEA Barista
I wanted to challenge myself to try something new, so I tried AEA Barista Course. It was my first time using the coffee machine. It was definitely a challenge for me but with the guidance of the kind teacher, I was able to make coffee for my classmates! I had a great time learning this new skill!